Austrumlatvijas radošo pakalpojumu centrs

Evs Christmas games in the dormitory

On the 13th of December, all the volunteers of Zeimuls went to Rezekne Technical School to provide a presentation about the EVS volunteering, and activities for  twenty students.


First of all, we began to introduce ourselves as volunteers of European countries, and after that we talked about what is an EVS, how  can we do an EVS and why it is good to make an EVS.


After answering the questions, each volunteer proposed a traditional game from our countries for Christmas. Thus, we had Russian Mimic games with Alyona, Italian musical chairs by Antonio, French wireless telephone proposed by Lucie and Sarah, and dance steps by Dzhamiliya. Every student participated at several activities and it was really interesting to speak with them in such a nice atmosphere. The experience that took place in the dormitory was unbelievable. We hope that new events like this will be organized, but till then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the readers.


EVS volunteers Sarah from France and Antonio from Italy.

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